Ramming Pillar Works


Ramming Pillar Works


In the process of construction solar power plants, the ramming pillasr works of Solar Panel can replace drilling works in some suitable designs for each geological area.


Due to the characteristics of most solar power plants in Vietnam only built on areas that are not capable of agricultural cultivation, ramming has been difficult and complicated. Choosing the right type of ramming equipment will help the pillar erection works with high efficiency, reduce cost, shorten construction time..


SOPOCONS - Solar Power Construction Corporation - with the advantage of many types of multi-press machines with a large quantity, the construction teams have many experience in different geological areas to help EPC contractors quickly completes the iteration in a short time.


Types of our typical ramming machines:


Ramming Machines for Stell Sheet Pillar with hydraulic hammers: specialized or multi-flexible on mechanical machines, our company currently has over 50 active steel pile presses. These machines are capable of closing all kinds of steel piles C, H, I from 80mm to 300mm, ramming depth from 1.5m to over 5m. The machines can be ramming on agricultural land, sandy, clay, basalt hill soil, ...


Ramming Concrete Pillar Machines with Hydraulic Vibrating Hammer:  This type of special ramming machines has the advantage that it is possible to squeeze round concrete piles dia from 200mm to 500mm or square 200mmx2000, 300mmx300mm, to square 500mmx500mm, ... on the land a lot of marshy ground such as lake ground, coastal land, ... .. More than 10 machiens of this type of our company are operating very effectively at many solar power plant construction projects.


The strong erection team of our company is the hope and the trusted of many construction companies in Vietnam. We work with many partners to complete many solar power constructions in Vietnam: Re Sunseap, Phan Lâm, Bình An, Trung Nam, Hàm Phú, TTC, Vĩnh Hảo, Xuân Thọ, Tuy Phong, Mỹ Sơn, Sông Giang, Cam Lâm, Ninh Hòa, Phước Trung, Thuận Minh, Thuận Nam, Phước Dinh, Phước Sơn, Tây Ninh, Đức Huệ, Long An, Sunpak, Trà Vinh, Hồng Phong , Da Mi, Phong Điền,…. We welcome cooperation with all colleagues in the construction of solar power plants.


As a ONE-STOP service provider, we always want to serve our customers fully the investment process, including: CONSULTING - DESIGN - SUPPLYING - CONSTRUCTION - OPERATION - MAINTENANCE - TRANSFER.


Support: please call  0919 59 3689 - 0909 676 959 for more information.


Typical Construction Machinery Photos:



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Concrete Pillar Raming machines

Concrete Pillar Raming machines

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Steel Sheet Ramming Machines

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