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In 1992, Mr. Bui Van Chot, a retired military mechanic veteran, established a small mechanical workshop to create the main tools for local agriculture. He wishes to be able to manufacture machines and equipment that can be applied in accordance with small agricultural production in Vietnam..


             In early 2001, in harmony with the economic development in the new period of the country, Bui Van Chot and his sons established Thien Minh Machinery and Industrial Equipment Company Limited. Operated and developed until January 15, 2012, licensed by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Investment, Thien Minh Machinery and Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company - Thien Minh Group was officially born.


               By 2013, Thien Minh Group developed the Heavy Industrial Machine business division into Heavy Industry Thien Luc Joint Stock Company. Specialized in providing installation of heavy industrial equipment such as Transformer Station with capacity from 200Kw to 2000Kw, DFO-HFO generators with capacity from 100KVA to 5000Kva, Wind Turbines with capacity from 1Mw to 10Mw, Hydro Turbines Power up to 50Mw,....


            After a while, the Clean Energy Business Department of Heavy Thien Luc Joint Stock Company was established and developed into Solar Power Joint Stock Company - SOPOCONS, specialized in building solar power plants.


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