Letter of CEO


Letter of CEO




Thank you for your interest in products and services provided by us.


First of all, we would like to send you our best wishes for HEALTH and ENERGY in life as well as in works.


As an enterprise specializing in the supply and construction of energy equipment for production, since its establishment until now, SOPOCONS - Solar Power Construction Corporation has constantly strived to achieve the growth rate with full impressive achievements. We focus on finding the world's advanced technology and applied research into practice in Vietnam. As a result, we have become a reputable and familiar supplier and builder of many investors in Vietnam.


We always listen to understand and respect customers' benefits. With the motto "Customer benefits are the top service goal", we always make efforts to meet the needs of equipment and energy equipment for production with deep gratitude. In order to meet the requirements of well performing construction and installation of energy equipment, we always focus on developing facilities with many modern and synchronous construction equipment. Besides, the training and improving skills for technical staff are always taken seriously. Especially practical engineers, erection engineers are often trained by the device manufacturers themselves. As a result, we can respond well and quickly to the needs of construction, erection and repair of machines for customers. This is the factor that determines the trust of all customers when using products supplied by Solar Power Construction Corporation - SOPOCONS.


As a partner of many investors, EPC general contractors, ... we strive to implement well the commitment to complete the task of supply and construction and installation to develop together. Ensuring the prestige of partners in a strict way by providing the proper quality of products from genuine to customers and construction and installation on schedule and quality as required. Strictly follow the supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance procedures specified by genuine.


We respect the humanity in business as well as in life, SOPOCONS - Solar Power Construction Corporation always acknowledges and honors the efforts and dedication of all individuals to contribute to the development of the company. We work together to build a democratic, fair and friendly working environment. All individuals work together to support work, career and caring for each other in life.


Each of our products and services are supplying with the desire to contribute to modernizing the production of the country, the love for the people and the green nature of the homeland. For a powerful and cloned Vietnam in the future.


Thank you very much for your support and look forward to continuing to serve you.


On behalf of the Leadership Board


The Trust In Quality



Renewable Energy For A Green Planet


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